Korean Trial Course Review

Good day everyone! This is a review of a Korean trial lesson, which I’ve been to last weekend.


As this was not the full course, I would definitely not expect a full set of materials, and the investment of time and effort in the depth of the lesson as well.


BUT, a trial lesson is something like the first impression, and that’s a big deal!


Seoul Korean Language Centre is a new Korean language school located at Kovan, which is in the north-eastern part of Singapore. If you want to learn Korean and are living around that region, you should definitely check it out.


This school offers a holistic approach to learning Korean.


They also have free online learning materials that are catered for complete beginners who are curious about the language.


The teacher conducted the class really well. It was nothing like those mundane lectures or training workshops you attended out there.

Learning Analysis


Like every course or workshop that I have been to, it’s important for me to take notice that learners’ needs are met and that there is retention of knowledge and skill sets.


No doubt it was a Trial Lesson, the lesson was progressively structured. As a beginner learning Korean, I did not feel the pain of going through so much information in one hour.


There is a total of 14 consonants and 10 vowels in the Korean language. But the teacher facilitated the class using only 4 consonants and 4 vowels, which is sufficient for a trial class yet not too heavy for a total beginner.


There was also some basic vocabulary for us to learn, and the teacher was able to help the class understand how the consonants and vowels get pieced together to form a word with meaning.


That, alongside with the explanation of how different letters are pronounced and the sound of each new word was clearly explained, was very comprehensive.


The teacher also has a fun vibe with some humor, which is important to keep the class engaged and interested in the learning process.


Throughout the lesson, there was contextualization to cater to some of the younger students (including myself). And because Korean has been associated with K-pop and K-drama, the teacher did an excellent job engaging students around these relevant topics.


The materials provided were sufficient for a trial class and one worksheet was sufficient enough to keep tactile and visual learners involved in the process of learning the language.


There was a tremendous effort in organizing the materials together to make it succinct, yet comprehensive.


All in all, the trial lesson did a great job of keeping students engaged and having fun at the same time. This made me want to get involved in the full course run as well.


I’d recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning Korean progressively and having a fun time in class.


That’s all my reviews, for now, see ya next time!

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