Can I Learn French in 3 Months?

Can I learn French in 3 months? Yes, you can!


But first, you need to ask yourself a one-million-dollar question. Why do you want to learn French?



Do you want to travel the world and visit French-speaking countries so that you can get the full tourist experience of how life is like for the locals living there?

Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage


This is going to be a great way to enjoy life to the maximum rather than spending a bomb in a tourist hotspot where the locals are out to simply earn your money for items that cost twice or three times as much than the original retail price.



Perhaps you would like to make friends and expand your network with people who love to speak French or are simply French-speaking business people?

Expand your social and business circle

Expand your social and business circle


That’s a great idea!


Now, do not ever think that English is king even though it is a language of commerce. At present, only 20% of the world speak English as their first language. If you’re a businessman, to expand your business, you may be required to consider building rapport with others just by speaking in their language. Besides, if you can do that, there would be an increase in the level of trust that your foreign clients and collaborators give you.


When there is trust, there might even be more opportunity to be brought into an inner circle, for which you will never know.


Moreover, learning a second or third language is going to be a real asset connecting with people from around the world. French is still, and going to be, one of the widely-spoken and fastest growing languages you can count on when you want to expand your social and business network.



Perhaps you want to get a job at a French company? This is a valid reason because being able to communicate in the language of your bosses speaks a lot about your work attitude and commitment.


Having a second or third language in your resumé may also give others a better impression of your social exposure and learning ability.



If you are someone who wants to climb up the corporate ladder in a French company, learning French may give you a bonus push in your quest in career advancement.



Perhaps, you would want to be a translator or a French teacher?


Then, you need to consider your commitment to learning French. This might even require you to obtain a ‘C2 level’ or even a Bachelor's Degree in French as proof of your language proficiency, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


Those reasons above could be your intention of learning French.


Then again, it is a million-dollar question because learning a language is an investment of your future. It all adds up to about several thousand dollars in order for one person to obtain French mastery or any language mastery for that matter. Besides, a lot of time and commitment is needed to get to becoming fluent and conversant in the language.


Again, why do you want to learn French?


If your answer to the above question is something broad and unspecific, you might never master French in 3 months!


Learning French may sound cool in front of your friends or the girl or guy of your dreams. With those kinds of reason, you might only end up memorizing a few lines here and there and that will be it. That is going to be your French level for the rest of your life because you do not have practical use of the language.


If you do have a specific goal in mind and some valid reasons for learning French, then you would go through the pains of understanding French grammar and learning its vocabulary.


Remember, when it comes to learning a new language such as French, it is a tool for communication and meaningful exchange of ideas and cultures. So, keep that in mind and simply have fun learning French!


So, good news! You can certainly learn French in 3 months with total dedication and the right learning materials. You can also follow my Learn French from Scratch series starting from the beginning.


Commit yourself to a certain amount of time learning French every day. Your success will also depend on your interest in the French language.


If you want to learn a language in just 3 months so, I would like to suggest you get yourself a personal Language Acquisition Coach.

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