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Creating a world we all want to live in!

This website aims to enlighten and educate the world on every aspect of language, so that the cultures associated with a language, and the people who use it, will be more readily understood, bringing about mutual respect and tolerance.


Babбel Tower is a blog for anyone who has keen interest in the study of language and all things related to it. It is also a compendium (the Babbelpedia) that you can use to learn about languages - their history and origin, writing systems, grammar structures, and more. You can also find advice on how to learn languages and even gain new insights on areas relating to linguistics and cultures.

In selecting the tagline and description for my blog, I was careful about using the term "encyclopedia" to describe this website because the subject of language is really vast, and it would be a great challenge for me to cover every single aspect of language on this blog. Instead, I decided to describe this blog as a compendium of languages. This was done to express my deep fascination in the study of many different languages of the world, and my reflections on any subject relating to languages, which are at times written from a linguistic point of view.


The Founder

Thomas Frederick Lim

Cancer Survivor. Digital Journalist & Editor. Language Acquisition Specialist.

I came into this world unaware that I was to become a Linguist one day. I was brought up in a multilingual household where my family members spoke a mix of Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka, and English. I spoke Cantonese as my first language since I was five years old.


As the English language is an important subject in elementary and secondary school, my parents had me tutored by English-speaking natives at the British Council. It was a true blessing I had such an opportunity to learn English from British teachers since the age of nine until fourteen. Their teaching method was exceptionally good and learning the language was a breeze for me. That was how I gained a solid foundation in my English language.


My love for languages did not occur until the year I enrolled in a local polytechnic during my late teenage years. I had a few extracurricular activities during my wholesome experience in tertiary education. French Language & Culture club was one of them. There, I studied French and was exposed to French culture and culinary. I also had the opportunity to learn about other cultures and their languages, such as German and Japanese. Eventually, this exposure sparked my interest to further explore other languages.


At present, I have studied Russian, Japanese, and am still learning French. There are also other languages that I read about when I have some spare time.


Now, you may think that I majored in Linguistics, but instead, I graduated with a Psychology major in 2009. I also minored in Sociology and Journalism. It was through this study experience which helped me realized my passion and forté, which is language and communication.


I am also a certified practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a set of value-adding techniques that I used in my consulting and coaching for individuals who are learning something new and who want to boost their learning performance.


Besides, I am also a certified career consultant, as well as a D.I.S.C and Enneagram personality administrator. These gave me insights to advise and coach individuals on how they can leverage their personality and skills to maximize their income and career prospects.


Now, as a digital journalist and editor, I write a hell lot more at work. So, for my blog, I will only be writing value-adding stuff on language learning and by applying the same principles I blog about, you can also use them to improve yourself and optimize your performance at work and in your personal life.


At this moment, I am focusing on my career as a digital journalist and editor, and while I have deferred my successful admission to do a Master degree in Applied Linguistics till next year, I remain a self-taught linguist and a language blogger.


I write about languages and language learning and will be writing (when time allows) about my experiences like travel, food, and other general topics relating to languages.


Language study is my passion, and I want to share this interest with all my readers.