8 Amazing Health Benefits of Learning Another Language

Learning another language is just like learning how to play a musical instrument. Both have great health benefits, especially to your mental health.

Here are the 8 amazing health benefits of learning another language.

1. Prolonged Attention Span

Switching from one language to the other, either through reading or writing, is no mean feat. It requires rapt attention and totally shutting out all forms of distraction so that one does not end up mixing both languages up. The benefit of learning a new language is that it can prolong your attention span, and improve your productivity in all other areas of your life, including your professional career. Studies have scientifically revealed that learning a new language enhances an individual’s attention span.

2. Multitasking Abilities

This is an offshoot from the fact that being a polyglot, or even a bilingual, has the ability to prolong attention span. Studies have revealed that bilinguals and polyglots have code-switching ability and better working memory. Therefore, they are much more able to easily and naturally handle more than one task at a point in time.

Note: Code-switching is an ability to switch seamlessly from one language to the other without batting an eyelid.

3. Helps Delay the Onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Learning languages help you exercise your brain daily and keeps your brain healthy for a longer period of time. In a more recent study on the effects of bilingualism and dementia, it was shown that people who speak more than one language tend to develop dementia up to five years later than monolinguals. One latest study also reveals that learning another language is good for the brain as it prevents the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

4. Enhances Creativity

Learning another language is a lot of fun. You will learn various ways of how people see the world and you also will develop creative ways to learn the language. The more you study the language and the more words you learn, the better you will become in expressing yourself in these languages.


When you are able to see different perspectives of people from different cultures, you will also understand how different people think and behave. Being able to speak their language will help you communicate better not just in words, but also through your thoughts, actions, and the unspeakable body languages.

5. Enhances Memory

A parked car wears off fast. A house uninhabited soon gather cobwebs and depreciates rapidly. Speaking different languages exercises the brain muscles on a consistent basis. This keeps the brain working and this leads to a sharper memory. With a better memory, you are able to recall better and faster. This puts you at an advantage everywhere, even at work. One latest study revealed that bilinguals and multilinguals tend to have better working memory, and that is their advantage over monolinguals.

6. Improves Social and Networking skills

Imagine yourself being able to blend into different groups of people who speak the languages that you know. Imagine those looks of surprise and amazement on their face when you can communicate with them in their language. Being able to speak a person's language draws you closer to that person as you are able to relate and share more information.


Learning another language improves your social skills, enlarges your professional network, and gives you ability to impress others or help you pull off a more light-hearted and "feel-good" first impression with people of different cultures.

7. Makes You More Accepting of People From Other Cultures

Being able to speak another language makes you more accepting to people from other cultures. When you learn a language, you are also learning about the thinking patterns and the mannerisms behind the language. It is the culture that shapes the language. Very often, tourists tend to be shocked and taken away by some mannerisms of how certain people in some countries behave during their tours.


Other than learning the language, it also helps when you read and learn about different cultures, places, and people, so that you will become more accepting of others who are different from you.

8. Sharpens Your Hearing Ability

Have you listened to how Germans speak and pronounce words? Try listening to the Chinese, the French, the Russians, the Arabs, or even the Turks. Imagine that you have a mental database that contain all these information of how each language sound like and that you can understand these languages! As you begin to learn another language, do not be surprised that your hearing ability is getting fine-tuned and improves over time as your ears become more attentive to sounds.


Do you want to stay smart, vitalized, attentive, make better decisions, as well as to remember things well into your old age? It's time for you to learn a new language!

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