3 Strategies on How You Can Acquire Any Language Quickly and Effectively

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In the above video, I share 3 general strategies on how you can acquire any language quickly and effectively.


I will also be speaking in 5 different languages in this video, starting in this order: French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and English. Subtitles in English are included in this video.


So you want to speak a foreign language but you do not know how? Maybe you have tried for years and nothing is working for you.


Maybe you have attended classes, paid a lot of school fees, and downloaded tons of language apps just to learn the language of your choice. But still... nothing has changed!


For your information, anyone can acquire a language with the right strategy. Yes, ANY LANGUAGE. If you are struggling to learn a new language right now, here is some good news that is worth knowing.


We tend to learn a language rather than acquiring it. In fact, learning a language is the more recent yet traditional approach whereby you would go to a classroom, get spoon-fed by the teacher, do homework, and then get yourself drilled with tons of grammar rules, etc. That is language learning per se.


It is not the same when we acquire a language. When we acquire a language, we speak the language after learning the common vocabulary and phrases. We simply start speaking to natives even though grammatically, it does not make much sense at the beginning.


When the native speaker corrects you, that is when you truly "learn" how to speak a language, and therefore, you acquire the language over time. It takes a lot of patience and boldness to make tons of mistakes. Also, learning a language is an active process. One doesn't simply go to school and expect to be taught a language. You need to go out and try to speak it first.

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