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How I Learned French From Scratch (Part 3)

How I Learn French from Scratch (Part 3)

To learn French from scratch is to keep repeating yourself the basic phrases and apply them in your day to day (chaque-jour) conversation, no matter what you do. The more you apply the new (nouveau) phrases and vocabulary (vocabulaire) you learned, the easier it is for you to converse (parler) in the new language (langue), in…

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Is SuperMemo Super? — A Language Learning App Review

Is SuperMemo Super?

Is SuperMemo super?   In this video, I shared what I like about the SuperMemo language learning app and program, and what I think needs improvement.   I also made some recommendations on the type of language learners the SuperMemo app is most suited for.   Brief Introduction to SuperMemo SuperMemo was derived from the…

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How I Learned French From Scratch (Part 2)

How I Learn French from Scratch (Part 2)

Learn French from Scratch is a series of blog posts which primarily focus on my learning journey in the French classroom.   Today, I will share with you my experience on the second and third French lesson for Beginners. So, if you are somebody who has no exposure or prior knowledge about the French language,…

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