10 Ways to Improve Your Memory Power Naturally


Our brain pushes old memories down its data stack as it takes in new ones daily

Life can get really busy for all of us, and sometimes, we forget things. This is normal because our brain, by its nature, push old memories down its data stack as it takes in new ones daily. And then, there will be times when our inability to recall names, places, or events can be frustrating. This is why in this article, I seek to educate you on 10 ways you can improve and sharpen your memory naturally.


1. Sugar: Sweet to Taste buds, Enemy of Memory

Scientific research has shown a correlation between high sugar consumption and smaller brain volume. In short, the greater the amount of sugar you consume, the poorer your memory recall abilities will be. So from here on, avoid consumption of sugary beverages, cut down on your sugar intake if you want to improve your memory naturally.


2. Eat Right

As you reduce sugar intake, seek out fish oil and have a regular meal of it. Fish oil come packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that helps fight stress, lower the risk of heart diseases and loss of memory. There are also supplement of fish oil that enhances memory. However, if you would rather not have seafood, try walnuts, broccoli, vegetables, legumes, fruits, pumpkin seeds, ground flaxseed, soybeans and a host of others.


3. Learn a New Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instruments helps improve the working memory by increasing the grey matter density around the brain regions and firming the connections that exists between them. It also broadens verbal memory, literacy skills and spatial reasoning.


4. Learn a New Language

Speaking different languages not only helps you to multitask well, but it certainly helps the brain in various tasks such as improving memory. This has been elaborately dealt with in my previous article, on the 8 health benefits of learning another language.


5. Avoid being over weight

Watch your weight as you eat healthy. You cannot feel heavy bodily and think clearly. From so many researches, it has been proven that obese people are likely to suffer from resistance to insulin and have their cognitive abilities decline over time.


6. Sleep and Let the brain fix itself

Just like you cannot deep scan a running system to fix issues with it without shutting it down, the brain cannot refresh and fix issues within itself without you closing your eyes in refreshing sweet sleep. When you get enough rest, your memory will improve.


7. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Indulging in excessive alcohol consumption constantly have a negative effect on your brain. Alcohol exerts neurotoxic influence on your cognitive abilities. When this becomes a regular occurrence, the memory receptacle part of the brain can become damaged.


8. Train Your Brain

Indulge in quantitative and verbal reasoning, play puzzle games, Tetris, chess, crosswords and a host of others. To develop the brain, just like the muscles, by exercising.


9. Exercise

Go swimming, hit the gym, the more you get involved in high energy work outs, the more the heart is forced to pump blood to all parts of the body including the brain. With free flow of fresh blood around the brain, stress and strain are reduced. Not only your health improves, you will find that you can remember things better.


10. Add Some Cocoa

Apart from its delicious delight, relaxing effects of the aroma of this food of the gods, Cocoa also come packed with antioxidants. These help in stimulating neurons and blood vessels that boosts the free flow of blow to the hypothalamus.


These are the major ways you can improve your memory in the most natural ways.

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