10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Another Language

How cool does it sound to be able to switch from one country to another, one tongue to the other, one major world language to the other?

You can be a language superhero and conquer the world without leaving the comfort of your sofa. You can thrill your friends and colleagues, win hearts and love, then retire home with a glowing smile across your language confused horizontal face.

Let us go on a tour and check out some reasons you might want to dust up your brain and learn a new language!

You Can Become the World

You become the world when you choose to learn a new language and arm yourself with this skill to communicate across various cultures and meet interesting people. With that, you can live comfortably on any part of the world without fear of intimidation or cultural shock.

You Can Appreciate Diverse Cultures

Learning a new language equals learning about a new way of life of a group of people. Their festivals and fun, their trails and travail and the very fabric that makes them different from every other place on the surface of the earth.

You Can Meet New People

Being able to speak fluently in another language brings you a step closer to meeting new people, business partners, clients, or even long-term friends.

You Can Make More Money

Time is money. But money is also value. Your language skill can turn out to be an asset for you to bring value to others using the spare time that you have. For example, you can dedicate your weekends to teaching people your acquired skills and charging them for your time and efforts. With that, you can also make a difference to the lives of others.

Learning a New Language Expands the Mind

Learning a new language helps to grow your brain and prevent future illnesses such as dementia or other possible cognitive impairments. Learning various vocabularies, grammatical rules, pronunciations, intonations, new phrases and words helps the brain process and absorb the information, and store them in the memory compartment of the brain. This is a good form of brain exercise. The more you learn, the more your brain's neurons connect, and the more the brain learns and grows.

It Can Improve Your Discipline

If you can discipline yourself to learn a new language, there is nothing you cannot achieve on this earth. To children, picking up new language is like a second nature, to adults with diverse worries and responsibilities, it is an herculean task. This leads to the next point...

You Can Better Appreciate Your Mother Tongue

You would not learn to appreciate your mother tongue until you start learning a new language on your own. Only then, you would realise how some people find it hard to learn your mother tongue, the same way as you would want to learn a foreign language. You would appreciate your own culture and heritage as well as other cultures and ways of living.

It Can Improve Your Logical and Mathematical Mind

Imagine sitting and counting in a different language. It can be totally challenging but if you are able to do this, you would be amazed at how you could be able to think in quadruple ways and totally outside the norms of your native tongue. For example, if you speak English, then you can count from one to hundred. But if you learn French, you will learn that to say "seventy" is to say "sixty plus ten" (soixante-dix), or to say "eighty" is to say "four times twenty" (quatre vingts).

It Broadens your Job Prospect

Learning a new language gives you an edge over your peers when international companies are hiring because you might just be considered first. Put that foreign language into that resume of yours and it will look different from the rest. The impression it will give is that you are able to blend in with the locals and can adapt without much ado. Another impression it will give is that you are communicative, cultured, and interesting... and possibly, intelligent.

Your Multitasking Abilities Improves

Imagine speaking on the phone in French and tapping away on your i-Pad in German! Well, if you manage to attain this level of competency, then congratulations! If not, you can still multi-task. But to learn two different languages at the same time, it will certainly require some strategies. And that, is for another time in another post...


The advantages of learning a new language cannot be overemphasized. Now, it is time to wake up and be all you can ever be.


Es hora de despertar y ser todo lo que puedas ser!

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